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Now Tatchell Watch Calls Peter Tatchell An ANTISEMITE

Peter Tatchell Watch’s deranged obsession with attacking Peter has hit a nasty new low..

Screenshot (1755)

Lying slanderous trash.

But let’s just laugh at this melon as we know there is no evidence that Peter is an anti Semite.

Just aa there is no evidence that he is anti Muslim or that he works alongside the far right.

This gutless troll hides behind a fake name labelling Peter an Islamophobic and anti Semitic.

The man is a lunatic and a liar and needs to give up as he is not cut out for twitter.

He has no arguments against Peter, just lies and he can get lost.


Why Banning Porn Wouldn’t Actually Be Banning Porn

A feminist writer in The New York Times used the Me Too movement to admonish pornography..

Swift like lightening conservatives sweep in to take a chance to exploit the way feminism has become sanctimonious and prudish to make their anti sex crusades seem pro women and look progressive.

Like this..

It’s easy to see the writer is a Christian right wing moralist who sniffs the chance to exploit the new feminist liberal moral panic about sexual imagery corrupting even adults and society to promote their own panic driven crusade against what he himself calls “smut”.

The thing is if we talk about banning what feminists and conservatives consider as “porn” these days we would end up banning just about bloody everything.

Well okay maybe not everything but at least anything and everything that has a whiff of sex about it.

What those who are anti porn think to be as porn today is things like..

Sexed up music videos with female pop stars dancing around raunchy wearing scantily clothing.

Magazines with partially nude models on the front cover smiling.

Adverts for crap products with sexy looking women.

Animal rights campaigns against fur use featuring semi nude famous women.

Virtually anything remotely sexual involving and featuring women is labelled as pornography by both conservatives and feminists and portrayed as having a corrosive effect on the minds of both young men and young women.

They tell us that things like sexually charged music videos cause young women to believe that they must act like “sex objects” (a fashionable term to replace a long since out-dated misogynistic slur to describe women who behave in a sexually “provocative” manner) in order to get male attention and that they make young men see women as “objects” who exist for their sexual “pleasure”.

And they blame the women who appear in such sexually charged entertainment for sexism and genuine objectification and try to link their behaviour with men harassing, abusing and sexually assaulting women.

Feminists are one step away from telling female pop stars and glamour models that it is their fault why some women become victims of rape and other forms of sexual violence.

And they label what they do as porn and equate it with some of the most violent and misogynistic exploitative nasty shit available only in the very darkest reaches of the internet.

When you have Gail Dines’ Stop Porn Culture campaign group claiming that pornography has creeped into mainstream society and “evidencing” this with pictures of Britney Spears in her knickers and bra on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine you can see that what feminists like Dines class as pornography is really nothing of the sort.

The kind of actual pornography that shows violent (and often criminal) sex acts against women is available only to those warped enough to go looking for it and it is far less easily available to get access to and look at than the panicking fear mongering moralists claim it is.

The illegal rape pornography stuff that really should have no place in society is being equated with mildly suggestive things like pop starts gyrating to songs that talk about S&M just to get people’s attention.

Miley Cyrus swinging naked on a wrecking ball and licking a hammer, we are asked to believe, is somehow as exploitative, violent and dangerous as images and videos of women being violently sexually assaulted for the pleasure of sick cunts like the scum that raped and murdered Jayne Longhurst many years ago.

And feminists claim that the viewing even the mildest of adult sexual entertainment like lads magazines always leads to men being driven to seek out and view far more violent, dangerous and illegal stuff that crimes like the murder of Jayne Longhurst have been linked to.

In essence when both conservatives and feminists rage against porn today that are raging against sex and when they call for porn to be banned they are calling for any kind of sexual imagery to be banned.

When they are calling sexy music videos “soft core porn videos” and slating female pop stars for acting like “strippers” and “porn stars” (because those women can be easily and freely dehumanised in their eyes) we can see anti sex feminists have become hysterical deranged prudes yelling “PORN FILTH” at the slightest glimps of a bare buttock in pop videos and men’s magazines.

Banning pornography would not mean banning actual pornography.

The governments of the West, egged on by the new conservative-feminist neo puritan alliance would go after easy targets like sexy music videos, soft magazines and adverts featuring sexual imagery.

They would so because they know going after and taking action against the violent, dangerous and often illegal actual porn takes time, police resources and most of all money.

By going after and banning music videos featuring stars like Miley Cyrus licking hammers or Rihanna ridiculously simulating crap S&M acts (yeah Rihanna we get it you wanna look like you can do 50 Shades) the governments of the West can not only save a lot of money but make it look like they are doing something about pornography.

And they will do this as they know going after “sexist objectification filth” is popular amongst middle class feminists and will win them votes from pearl clutching SJWs who think a woman being exposed to Miley licking a hammer will trigger her into near collapse.

Feminist want things like lads mags and sexy music videos banned because they believe all women are as fragile and triggered as they are and they will pass out if they stumble across a picture of a glamour model near naked smiling at the camera in the supermarket or switch on MTV and see Katy Perry nude on a cloud in a music video

This desire to make women out to be offended and terribly fearful of any kind of sexual imagery as if it’s a threat to their emotional well being as well aa their safety (because of course men are going to be turned into rapists by seeing Katy’s bare behind) is what drives the feminist puritan crusade to ban anything remotely sexual.

Essentially if we banned pornography we would not be banning pornography.

What would be banned would be not pornography of any kind.

It would just be stuff that prudes find offensive.

So a waste of time then.

Tommy Robinson, Hate Crimes And Savage Right Wing Hypocrisy

tommy tit

Tommy Robinson complains that the police take hatred against Muslims seriously but not threats of violence against him..

Screenshot (1718)

Sorry I am finding this all a bit much.

Tommy and his supporters are constantly telling Muslims that the hate and violent threats aimed at them by racists are not real and are fabricated by Muslims seeking to be seen as victims, and therefore should never be taken seriously by the police and not investigated.

Yet he wants everyone, especially the police to take abuse and hate against him seriously and he demands something done about it.

Well obviously actual threats of violence against anyone should be investigated by the police and where guilty persons are found they should be tried and if found guilty sent to jail.

There can be no exceptions and those who make threats towards Tommy Robinson should be treated the same as far right bigots who make threats to Muslims and others.

But while Tommy and his friends and allies ask that threats against him are taken seriously by the police they admonish the police for dealing with hate crimes that they think to be fake and fabricated by Muslims.

It’s a stretch to ask us to take each every threat against Tommy Robinson seriously when they are telling us that every threat to Muslims is fabricated and invented by Muslims seeking to be seen as victims.

Threats against anyone are unacceptable and must be investigated and taken
seriously and perpetrators should be prosecuted and jailed.

But this should apply to everyone regardless of race, religion, sexuality etc.

We cannot live in a society where threats and hate are taken more or less seriously depending on the type of people they are aimed at.

All threats of violence should be treated equally seriously and be equally as harshly dealt with by the law.

Tommy Robinson and his supporters are not working towaards that and whilst they continue to tell certain people that threats against them are not worth bothering about it remains hard for us to take their complaints of hate and abuse seriously.

Far Right Snowflakes Offended By “Terrorist” Poster Threaten To Rip It Down


Well well well..

Screenshot (1717)

Oh the free speech loving against snowflakes being offends by absolutely bloody everything far right.

Here we have far right types being very offended by a poster and demanding it be taken down.

And they warn the people behind the poster that if they do not take it down they will do it for them.

This is the real irrational ultra censorious mob.

Not feminists crying about Beach Body Ready posters on the Underground.

Not leftists but the FAR RIGHT.

They are threatening criminal damage if a poster that they find offensive is not taken down and banned.

They are triggered and triggered to the point that they make threats to forcibly remove a poster that has caused them offence.

They are trying to shut down free speech by threats and they are trying to silence people through intimidation.

This is the irrational hysterical mob that wishes to shut people down who they disagree with and who cause them offence.

So let’s hear from the libertarians who claim to stand for and defend free speech from professionally offended snowflake fascistic irrational censors.

Let’s see the likes of Brendan O’Neill admonish and call out far right fascists for an attempted shut down of free speech by a censorious hysterical mob who seek to silence others by threatening criminal damage.

Let’s see Spiked Online take these anti free speech fascists to church for stomping on freedom of speech and trying to shut people down because they are offends by what they say.

Let’s see people like Ella Whelan who admonished feminist fascists for getting Beach Body Ready adverts banned by acting like hysterical whining fascists do the same to far right fascists for trying to ban this poster.

Well let’s see.

The far left may be acting like censorious hysterical bigots but so are the far right and in fact even more so.

Protests against things like Beach Body Ready adverts may be ridiculous and the people who get triggered by these things really do need to get a life.

But they have yet to cross the line into criminal damage and the far right are showing themselves to be even more censorious than the very SJW snowflakes that they claim to be against.

But the far right are very hypocritical on almost everything and especially when it comes to free speech and censorship.

They are even more censorious than the far left and act like the very censorious fascists that they claim to be railing against.

They are a joke and a hypocritical joke at that.

Let’s laugh at them.


On Peter Tatchell Being “Anti Muslim” Part 1, Tatchell And The False Link To The Far Right


Tatchell Watch has always lied that Peter Tatchell is anti Muslim.

Screenshot (1707)

There is no evidence at all that Peter is anti Muslim yet his far left haters continue to peddle this scurrilous baseless lie.

The only “evidence” they have that Peter has some kind of vicious pathological beef with Muslims is a photo of him from many years ago wearing a t shirt that says “ISLAM NAZIS” (because any admonishment of Islam is of course an attack on Muslims as Islam and Muslims are always the same according to the pro Islam far left) and him condemning of extremist Muslim clerics who advocate for the death penalty for homosexual sex acts.

To far left Islamoapologists like Peter Tatchell Watch any and all criticism and opposition of and to bigotry and hate expressed by individual Muslims is a scant vicious Islamophobic attack on ALL Muslims and each and every Muslim in the world and should be met with a hateful smear campaign that denounces and condemns the speaker of that condemnation as a rabid racist anti Muslim bigot and wild libellous accusations that he or she is stirring up hate against Muslims and is colluding and working with far right anti Muslim racists to demonize Muslims and incite hate against them.

The clever smear tactic by far left Islamoapologists like Tatchell Watch is to find an example of a far right person liking, retweeting or agreeing with something Peter once said about Islam and Islamic homophobia as evidence that not only is Tatchell supported by the anti Muslim racist far right but he himself colluded with and works with them to attack Islam and whip up fear and hate against Muslims.

And Tatchell Watch will take screenshots of Tatchell talking to and engaging with far right bigots as evidence that Peter is anti Muslim and is working with the far right against the Muslim community.

But in every case and context when Peter talks to and engages with the far right he is hitting back against their equally scurrilous lies and defending himself from their hate and homophobic attacks upon him and his character.

For the far right for years has smeared, libelled, attacked, abused, threatened and lied about Peter.

They have labelled him as a defender of Islam and claimed that he sides with anti gay Muslims who would “throw him off a rooftop” if they could.

Because Peter will not dance to the anti Muslim immigration tune of the likes of right wing gays they accuse Peter of betraying gay people and of throwing LGBT people under the bus by wanting to welcome more Muslims into the West who would all apparently start hating on, attacking and even killing gay people as soon as they set foot on our shores.

Despite Peter openly challenging anti gay hate from certain Muslims (for which the far left denounce him as anti Muslim) such as Muslim clerics who call for gays to be executed for having sex the far right continue to smear him as an apologist for Islamic homophobia and accuse him of ignoring and condoning the state sanctioned murder of gay men within Muslim countries like Iran (a blatant lie as Peter alongside gay Iranian activists have spoken out and condemned this) and siding with Muslims who would kill him and all gay people if they had half the chance (even though many Muslim Peter works and stands with are gay too).

The attacks on Peter by the far right anti Muslim bigots are so bad that he has been labelled by them as a “paedophile” and they have hurled the most nasty vile homophobic language and abuse at him.

Many of them have made threats of DEATH against him.

And the likes of Tatchell Watch sits there and claims that Peter is colluding with aligned with and is helping the very people who hurl hateful homophobic abuse at him and threaten him with death?


To accuse a fine man of being in bed with those that not only hate him but threaten to KILL him is just about as disgustingly false and lying as anyone can get.

The far left are selling Peter out to the far right by pushing the baseless lie that he is friends with those who are amongst his worse enemies and haters.

The baseless lie that Tatchll is anti Muslim and works with anti Muslims is just that.


There is no evidence that Peter is in league with the far right as the far right hate him and wish him ill.

When Peter talks to the far right he is talking to his enemies and telling them they are lying about him, attacking him and that they need to sod off and leave him alone.

Far leftists who smear him as on their (the far right) side and in their corner are lying traitors throwing a good man under a bus.