In Defence Of White Men? NO In Defence Of ALL Men

Okay a bit late but I just read this?

So do white men need defending?


ALL men of all races need defending from the hatred and bigotry that comes from the vile feminists and the social justice warriors.

The daily barrages of “MEN ARE TRASH” filth that comes from the hateful feminists and SJWs targets not just white men but men of all races, colours and creeds.

It’s true some feminists and far leftists target just white men for their hatred but overall it’s ALL men of all races that are being demonized and cast as violent woman raping and killing trash.

And feminists have tried to duck out of being seen to include black and ethnic minority in their hate by making out the righteous backlash against their man hate is about white men..

Screenshot (1029)

Feminists are trying to make out they don’t think black and Asian men are trash by making this all about white men’s “fragility” but when they say that men are trash they mean ALL men which of course means black, Asian, latino and Hispanic men.

And if you tried to put these scum on the spot and ask them if black, Asian etc men are in their opinion trash they’d not be able to come up with an answer and then will probably call you racist and block you.

But they cannot duck out that they call all men trash and that their hatred and poison is aimed at mem of all races as well as gay men too.

And now social justice warriors are actually saying BLACK men are trash…

See ALL men are trash according to these scum including black men.

And the fact that this comes from a black man does not make it any less hateful and bigoted.

And it panders to white racists and SJWs should be ashamed that it is allowed.

Men do not need to be defended along racial lines. We need a united front against the feminist’s and SJW’s hatred of men that needs opposing and dismantling.

Black, white, Muslim and men of all races and creeds must and come together to oppose the lies and attacks that denigrate men.

We cannot divide men by race and just defend one race of men.

We need to defend all.

So no white men do not need defending..


So let’s defend all men.


Everyday Feminism Say It IS All Men

This is Everyday Feminism doubling down on stupidity telling us how actually it IS all men..

Okay let’s pull out the dumb from this dumb..

“Let’s start here, even though this should go without saying: We don’t think that all men are inherently abusive or dangerous. Plenty of men aren’t.
There are men that we love very much – men around whom we feel mostly safe and unthreatened; men who, in fact, support, respect, and take care of us on familial, platonic, romantic, and sexual levels. Not every man has violated us individually; for most of us, there are plenty of men that we trust.
We know what you mean by “not all men” – because on a basic level, we agree with you.”

So you agree with us?

Then what the fuck is the point of the insane crap?

“But the socialization of men is such that even a good man – a supportive man, a respectful man, a trusted man – has within him the potential for violence and harm because these behaviors are normalized through patriarchy.”

Everyone regardless of gender, race or whatever has the potential to be violent. I could go and smash up my room if I wanted and my sister could kick my balls in if she so chose.

But that potential does not make anyone a threat, it means they could do something violent but they are only a threat if they do it.

“And as such, we know that even the men that we love, never mind random men who we don’t know, have the potential to be dangerous. Surely, all people have that potential. But in a world divided into the oppressed and the oppressors, the former learn to fear the latter as a defense mechanism.”

You just killed your argument by saying all people have the potential to be dangerous.

“So when you enter a space – any space – as a man, you carry with yourself the threat of harm.”

Harm to women you mean. You don’t think men catty a threat of harm to other men do you?

Course not because men are strong and women are weak..


“Make no mistake: When you use the phrase “not all men” – or otherwise buy into the myth of it – you’re giving yourself and others a pass to continue performing the socially sanctioned violence of “masculinity” without consequence, whether or not that’s your intention.”

You may as well say any man who says not all men is a rape defender.

Go on!

Then these melons give their six reasons why is all men and as they are just that stupid let’s just skip them and spin on to the last bits..

“But how many well-meaning men are truly choosing that path, instead of just insisting that it’s “not all men” and that they’re “not like that?”
Hint: You are “like that”

Like what?

Are like WHAT?

A rapists, a misogynist a what??

Men here are being told that they are like men who are misogynistic entitled violent and stuff.

And when they deny it they get told they are just aiding violence against women.

It’s a bunch of man hating trash which is not doing anything to end sexism and violence against women.

“Fighting learned male entitlement means assuming the burden of vigilance – watching not just yourself, but other men.”

Fighting learned Muslim extremism means assuming the burden of vigilance, watching yourself but other Muslims..

thats racist

Why have I got to police other men’s behaviour?

Men are the only group that are being told by feminists and SJWs that they need to take responsibility for the bad behaviour of others within their group.

No other group are.

Muslims are not, nor are black people and especially women are not.

And nor should they he because to do so would be racist, bigoted and sexist.

But why hold all men responsible for bad things some men do to women?

“Well-meaning men, if we’re being honest, we love many of you. And those of you whom we don’t know, we want to believe and appreciate. We want to feel safe around you.”

When you see WE you mean women.

But no you mean feminists.

Because you always think that you speak for all women and the fact is many women will be reading this and thinking it to be utter man hating flam.

And really as a man I don’t care if feminists feel safe around me or love and appreciate me.

I don’t want them to feel unsafe but I just do not give two figs if they do.

I care if women feel safe around me, especially my own mum, sister and female friends.

But not feminists as they hate me and they can basically fuck off.

And you can believe me when I say this..


Oh Anita Sarkeesian said that was harassment.

Oh lock me up.

“We don’t want to fear or distrust men. We don’t want to have to perform risk assessments on every man that we meet. Trust us – it’s a miserable life! We’d gladly abandon this work if it wasn’t absolutely necessary to our survival.”

Fact is most women don’t distrust men, fear them and perform risks on them.

But you want them to fear men and distrust men because the work that you say you’d “gladly abandon” is trying to make women fear men as you keep telling them that men are a dangerous threat to them.

And that means that you actually do more to harm to women than you do to men as you make them look weak and fateful and many women hate that and hate you telling them that even the men they love could do something horrible to them.

And as for risk assessments on every man..

Tell me do women perform risk assessments on men who are in wheelchairs and severely disabled?

Do female nurses risk assess very frail old men that are bed bound thinking that he may rape her?

Also do you do risk assessments on black men?


you racist

“But it’s not our job to be vigilant against harmful behaviors that we can’t possibly hope to control, though. Nor is there anything that we alone can do about this. It’s incumbent upon men to make themselves safer as a group.”

How can a man in a wheelchair who cannot feed himself make himself safer?

How is he a threat?


“And there’s no way that you can do that until you accept that yes, it is all men – including you – and start working against it.”

No I will not and neither will most men… and indeed most women.

You are a minority here.

“Love always,
Aaminah and Melissa”

You love men but think they are all a dangerous threat to women?

You don’t know what you’re talking about do you?

Give up.

With good grace.

The Misogynists Within MeToo

The Me Too campaign show their hateful misogynistic intolerance towards women who dare to not go along with the idea that all women are victims.

Here are two tweets that show this..

The pair of you..


You pair of disgusting lying misogynistic cunts.

The first one is absolutely vile as it suggests women who are against MeToo want to be sexually harassed.

So these feminists are making jokes about women being sexually assaulted when it’s women who dare to not tow their line.

Utter scum.

This woman is a misogynist and someone who makes light of sexual abuse.

Utter scum filth.

The second one is a blatant lie as well as disgusting.

To say that women who are against MeToo SUPPPOFT sexual abuse is both disgusting and a lie.

It shows MeToo and feminism is full of rank misogynistic scum that would make Dapper Laughs and Roosh V blush.

They are sexist woman hating scum vermin and their pretence that they defend women is dropped when they are confronted by women who dare to disagree with them.

Fuck all of them.

Nazi Hardman Calls Me Wimp and Blocks Me..AGAIN


Lol 😂😂😂

Screenshot (1008)

Calls me a fxxxxxt Pussy wimp and again BLOCKS me.

What a CUNT.


Man you Nazis are snowflakes. You cannot take then heat, get off the internet.

A coward Nazi who hurles anti Jew hate, talks tough and then runs and hides behind block.

Man what a pussy.

Too many of these far right types cannot take facing the heat for their hate and they just gotta run to mummy when they get challenged and called out.

We see it all the time everywhere both in the internet and in public.

Like Richard Spencer who ran away when confronted by anti Nazi protestors whilst talking about his “safe space”.

Oh and don’t let me get started on Nazis who drone on about how bad and anti free speech safe spaces are whilst blocking everyone who challenges their opinion on Facebook and Twitter.

Hypocrites yes.

CUNT most definitely.

It’s time these people learned they are as snowflakey as the far left SJW types that they claim to hate.

Takes on to know one is the response when they call us on the left snowflakes.

The chucked Nazi snowflake coward.

Anyway I’ll leave you with some shots of Charles the snowflake Nazi talking BS at me before he blocked me.

The Nazi coward CUCK..

YouTubers Who Have Kids..We Need To Talk


First of all it goes without saying that what people put on YouTube is their choice and they should have the right to put whatever they want, within the realms of what is legal of course.

But it also goes without saying that whilst people have the right to put whatever they want on YouTube others equally have the right to dislike it, criticise it and when appropriate call them out or make fun of it.

And if people respond to that by crying that their feelings have been hurt or that people are being mean to them and bullying them then they need to and should DELETE THEIR ACCOUNTS and get off the damned internet.

So in the spirit of freedom of speech let me talk about the number one type of youtubers that really make me go “What the fuck?”..

Youtubers who have kids.

And when I say Youtubers who have kids I mean are pregnant having kids.

You may call them Mummy Vloggers but some of them are not Mummy Vloggers, a few of them are YouTubers who film themselves doing other things (such as doing beauty stuff or playing video games) and discover they are pregnant and want to share the whole damn thing and everything that goes with it to their rather strange viewers.

Which really in of itself is not a bad thing but the way most of them do it involves them acting like they are the only woman to ever had a baby ever.

And that involves them smugly revealing to their audiences stuff which anyone with half a functioning brain cell would know is part of being pregnant and having babies already.

And yes in this piece I shall..


And if you don’t like it well then..

So here we go on the things youtubers who are having babies say and do which makes me and likely many others yell “NO SHIT SHERLOCK”.

Look at my bump, isn’t it big?: It’s standard for all expectant Youtubers to want to show their viewers their growing bump and usually when they are eight months along. Okay you’re body your choice and all but the issue here is the “Isn’t it big” statement.

And the answer from everyone should of course be “Well yeah you are eight months pregnant and there would be something very wrong if at this stage your stomach was still as flat as a breadboard”.

Maybe they themselves have never seen or do not know what happens to woman’s abdomen when she is carrying a baby inside it but yeah it usually grows very big and the question “Isn’t my bump big?” is by default plain STUPID.

Yes it’s big, you are eight months pregnant, it’s supposed to big. Just like your shoelaces are supposed to be tied up and your mouth is supposed to open when you put food in it.

Course saying this will get me accused of a) Mansplaining and b) sexism and misogyny but there will be women including those who have had kids or are pregnant yelling the same thing at the screen at these people.
And in any case to those accusations I can and will only say..


I’m buying baby clothes for a boy and baby clothes for a girl: Ye gods you don’t say?

Well strike me down and call me Shaundi (Saints Row reference there…although I like Kinzie better) but nobody would have guessed that.

And anyway today that’s very gender conformist and therefore is transphobia and soon your account will be deleted for misgendering crimes against humanity.

You CIS heteronormative CIS privilege enabling shit lord!

Check your privilege.

And also stop stating the damned bloody obvious you dinlo.

We’re thinking of baby names and..: Yes really well you would wouldn’t you? At some point, hopefully before you are in labour.

You can’t still be racking your brains trying to think up the most perfectly original name on the planet in human history ever when you are in mortal agony can you?

Well daddy can, but maybe daddy is not around and if he is he will be cringing at the sight of the love of his life howling in pain.

He cannot decide between Talulabags and Shrapnel right then.

And men cannot multitask so..

Ah well, not all men can’t anyway.





Hello everyone, we are on the way to stay tuned everyone: Stay tuned for what? Are you gonna be filming the whole damn thing?

Oh wait some of you bloody are aren’t you?

And that means you gotta tell everyone that you are on the way to hospital so they all know that things are kicking off big time so that they stay tuned glued to your channel’s livestream waiting to see you sucking on gas and air.

And I bet you told your viewers you were on the way to hospital before you told any of even your closet relatives and your friends.

Even your MUM!

Damn that is harsh and she will be very hurt by that.

She’s your MUM and you are her daughter and you just made a thousand or so complete an total strangers look more important than her.

How does she feel right now eh?

How do you feel?

Oh you don’t give a fuck cos views and most of all..


Muh delivery story: And everything you tell your viewers here they should and indeed know already.

Unless they don’t know where babies actually come from. And if they are that ever so innocent age they really should not and probably are nor watching your channel.

Listen I know, we know and you now DEFINITELY know what goes down when a baby is born.

But the fact is you are NOT the first woman to ever have a baby and when you tell your viewers that you were having contractions with a condescending look on your face that says to them “I bet you don’t even know what those are ya thick know nothing dunces” you insult their intelligence and they should really unlike your video and unsubscribe from your channel en mass.

And that’s it.

And the thing is here its not what you do but how you do it and what you say and how you say it.

If you come across as smug and acting as if your audience (some of them are women who have kids themselves dammit) are completely and utterly ignorant and non informed on this (or indeed any other) topic than you will look like a smug arrogant twerp and people will grow to dislike you.

And it does not set a good example to your kids does it?

Remember the standards you set are the standards you get and if you act like a arrogant condescending twat you’re kids will act like that as well.

You may say I am generalising (as well as mansplaining and being a mysoggynees) but I have seen enough Youtubers act like this when they are having a kid and it’s made me just tune right out of a few and unsub from their channel.

And many will feel the same way and do the same thing.

It’s a great way to lose fewers and when you do lose viewers then don’t whine about it cos you reep what you sow.

Ain’t life shit eh?

Meh, first world problems.


Deal with it!

That is all!

Jo Marney And Meghan Markal..White People Finally Give Black People Permission To Complain About Racism


UKIP leader Henry Bolton has dumped his girlfriend after she sent racist texts about black people and Meghan Markal…

Jo Marney has apologised and has said that her comments were taken out of context.

But even the Daily Mail thought her racism was that little bit too much..

Screenshot (1001)


Listen if the Daily Mail thinks you are racist then you must be fucking racist!

Yes she’s a racist.

A fucking skank arse racist who tried to make excuses and get herself out of trouble.

But it says everything about the Daily Mail and indeed the entire right wing tabloid media that it takes someone to be racist towards the future wife of one of the Royal Family for them to take racism seriously.

Even the most ardent racists would draw the line at hurling racist abuse at the soon to be wife of one of England’s princes.

Many of them loath black people and most ethnic minorities but they need to pretend that they aren’t racists just so they can get a piece of the Royal Wedding hype.

The fact Harry is marrying a woman of colour has of course angered quite a few Daily Mail readers but they will keep it to themselves because they don’t want to upset their Royal lords and masters.

We live in a society where racism seeps from the pours of many white people and where our mainstream media is still drenched in white supremacy and still spews race hate to people on a daily basis.

But our MSM now want us to believe that they are not racists because they are cool with a mixed raced woman marrying the last in line to the throne.

And we want to convince ourselves our society is not racist because we are all throwing our hands up in horror over some racist comments against Meghan Markal.

It’s a joke and it shows our racist hypocrisy.

Working class people of colour and ethnic minorities are ignored and told to put up with it when racism is aimed at them.

And BME people are constantly told racism is no longer a problem here in Britain and that their protests against racist hate by white people is them having a chip on their shoulder and they are too sensitive and see racism where there is no racism.

But now white people say we can all finally take racism seriously because a rich woman of colour has been subjected to racist abuse and they tell people of colour that they can complain.

So now white people are giving black people permission to call out white people for racism.

Well that makes them hypocrites and racists.

Yes the racist abuse of Ms Markal was disgusting and Jo Marney is a racist verminous cretin.

But the idea that we can all sit back and say our country is not racist because we are all horrified by her racism is a big joke.

And those white racists who are pretending that they are anti racists because they are okay with a black woman marrying a parasitical rich scrounger are all a bunch of lying racist cunts.